On September 1st 2016 we have decided to suspend all farmer market operations. We are reviewing our commercial options and will keep everyone posted as we continue on our journey.


our waffles are different...

Belgian Waffle Exchange Hand Held Liege Waffle Atlanta

When most Americans hear “Belgian waffle,” they think of the light, rectangular version served on a breakfast plate and topped with strawberries and whipped cream.

This isn't that.

The Belgian Waffle Exchange offers a completely different alternative that is also completely true to the real Belgian experience.

You eat our waffles -- the ones that originated in the town of Liège -- “on the go,” street food style, rather than Brussels waffles while seated at a restaurant.

Liege Waffle Dough Ball Atlanta Georgia Belgian Waffle

Liège waffles are made from brioche dough, rather than batter. Liège waffles, in the classic version, are accentuated with caramelized sugar rather than fruit toppings. Liège waffles are served hot from the iron in hand-held wrappers. They’re dense and chewy rather than light and airy.

You're so lucky if you've traveled around and tried them before.

If you haven't, you're in for a treat!